1)  The message of the attendance of  child to the class can be transmitted immediately to the parents.

2)  The message can be transmitted immediately to the parents about finishing  of  the class.

3)  Parents may  be informed about the additional classes.

4)  Due to an emergency  if the classes are not held, parents as well as students may  be informed accordingly.

5)  The message can be transmitted to the parents as well as children about additional classes and time tables.

6)  The message can be transmitted immediately to the parents, about the payment and the amount paid by the child and the special needs.

7)  Monthly evaluation marks of the children can be transmitted to the parents.

8)  The parents meetings scheduled can be informed  to the parents as early as possible

9)  The parents and children can be informed about the complted  classes/ attendants/absentees and time tables.

10)  The scheduled new classes can be informed earlier to the children.

11)  Additional equipments (pair of scissors, scrap papers etc.) needed  by the students  may be informed to the students. 

12)  The absentees (students) can be informed earlier the day lesson as well as on the next day lesson.

13)  At any time the attendance can be  monitored, total  amount of existing students, and reports of attendants and full information of the students. 

14)  Can be propagated through the institute web site the information of the class and results of past years.

15)  Can be deliver assignments, question papers, documents and audio tapes for the students in the class through the institute web site.

16)  Can be propagated classes through the Institute’s web site.

17)  Because of the SMS service possibility to follow more fruitful learning process because of the SMS service and overcome the barriers to miss the classes and  children could   attend the classes regularly, Through all of this can be achieved highest results.     

18)  Possibility to activate of above mentioned package or services needed as the teacher’s preference for their classes. For example: inform the parents only the child’s attendance without mentioning  the time of ending the class. 

19)  Information of every students of your classes have stored in our Institute. Although you can get the information in any time, the outsiders are not allowed to get  the names, addresses, telephone numbers  etc ………. of the students. The sole responsibility of the information is with us.

01)  Ability to have the lessons that taught in absent days

02)  Awareness of  the next day lessons that going to teach.

03)  Possibility to know early  if  the class extends on special needs.

04)  Possibility of  awareness  of the stoppage of  the scheduled classes on emergency reasons.

05)  Possibility to receive notes, assignments, question papers,  given by the teacher through the web site. 

06)  Possibility to listen to the teacher’s lesson through web site. 

07)  Possibility to practice the  computer and internet which most needed ,nowadays.

08) Gain the identity card with new NFC technology

09) Student can be used as a “Touch Travel Pass”. “Touch Travel Pass” – an NFC enabled contactless smart card that can be topped up and used to pay the bus fare. It became the first ever initiative to bring NFC technology to the transport sector in Sri Lanka.

After buying the WST card, the Student will have to top it up with credit (just like reloading a prepaid mobile number)

The Bus conductors will utilize the special POS machines for this process. Once recharged, you can start using it in the bus. You can pay for the bus tickets by holding the WST Id card near the special POS equipment carried by the bus conductors. The card does not need to be tapped on the machine. Holding it close to the machine (around 2 or 3 inches) would do. (From this system, commuters’ frequent complaint of not receiving balance money properly could be addressed & resolved)



01)  Possibility to know immediately about the child’s presence at  the class. 

02)  Possibility to know immediately about exact time that the class ends.

03)  Possibility to know  the payments due by the child.

04)  Possibility to know the monthly assessment of the child with the marks. 

05)  Possibility to know the extra time of the classes.

06)  Possibility to know about  the cancelation of  the classes on special reasons. 

07)  Possibility to know  the time about extra classes. 

08)  Possibility to know the protection of the children who are attending to private classes. 

09)  Possibility to get good  results for the exams .



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