In the  Past


Forgot to tell the child that  the class Won’t be  held in the next week.

If it was possible to  inform every child that  the new lesson will be commenced  in next week.

If it possible to give publicity about the class

In the  website without spending  thousands of  rupees.



There is no way to listen to  the teacher’s voice, of the lessons conducted  by him, during my absence 

By staying at home,  if there   is a way to get  the  papers, notes & tutes, that have been given by the teacher in the class.



The son left home, to the class, how do I know whether he has  attended the class or not.

By staying at home if there is  a  way to know  the finishing  time  of the class.

Every  problems  above  could be solved  by using WST technology (WST Enable)

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